Why Responsive Website Design?

Responsive design is a result of the iPhone

The iPhone has changed the way we design websites. With more and more people using mobile devices for looking at websites, a new way of designing websites was needed. A website on a tiny screen needs to be viewed differently than a website on a large screen. The same website serving all devices is possible with responsive web design. No more pinching and pushing on your phone to view the web.

Example of responsive web design

The picture below is an example of the same website being viewed on different devices. With responsive design, the desktop, tablet and mobile phone all get content from the same web page, but it appears differently on each device.

responsive web design

See the difference. View www.coxelectricalservice.com in mobile and on desktop.

When Google speaks, we listen.

Every web designer knows you have to please Google. A web developer not designing to Google's specifications is not serving their client. After years of debate, Google has proclaimed they want Responsive Design websites.

Google wants all devices to pull from the same website.

Because all devices share content, responsive websites are able to use an identical domain address. Google does not want a company to have two websites with nearly identical content. Responsive web design solves this problem. No more www.mobile.mywebsite.com. A desktop page is the same page as you are viewing on the mobile; identical domain for desktop and mobile: www.mywebsite.com

More planning, more work, and cutting edge coding

Responsive design takes planning, knowledge, and a little more work. It is based on the new html5. The bottom line is responsive design is good for Google search placement and it is good for website visitors. This is what quality web development is all about.

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