Website Development Concepts

Your website will reflect the uniqueness of your business. We create a special design to match the image you want to portray. Why settle for less?

6 Major Concepts of visual design

  1. Colors: What are your colors now? Business card colors? Brochure colors? Are you in a business that needs bright colors or muted?

  2. Fonts: Do you need to show sincerity, stability, or is perhaps showing hip and with-it more important? Older persons appreciate large fonts.

  3. Layout: Will your audience be viewing your website on mobile devices like Apple's iPhone? Is download speed important?

  4. Marketing: Do you want people to find you on the web? Search engine optimization (SEO) is built into the design and followed through into all aspects of your website.

  5. Content: Content is king. This we hear all the time and it is the hardest to get Clients to consider. We write content to sell your product and for SEO purposes.

  6. Analytics: Coding each page of your website in order to see how it is performing in order to revamp non-responsive pages is a must.

Concepts of web design

Leave a Good Impression

A visually appealing website gives a positive impression to website users. Aesthetically pleasing color palette, fonts selections, and layout design is a difficult task that comes with training and experience. Fortunately, we have the training and experience needed to create a beautiful website for your business.

If you have an existing business, we use your logo, signage, and graphic work to create a complimentary look and feel for the website.