Content Management Sites

Affordable Website Design

Some clients prefer to update content themselves in which they need a content management website. WordPress is often their first choice. WordPress is a free CMS and there are many templates to help make an attractive website.

In order to make WordPress CMS work for beginners, an extraordinary amount of code is used. This results in slow, sluggish performance and makes getting to the top of Google search much more difficult.

There are developers, such as Charles Hickman at Hickman Designs, that have many years experience with WordPress. He has success with Google search because he knows how to limit Wordpress code bloat. If people in your company are already comfortable with updating content with WordPress, a new website by Hickman Designs may be your best choice.

Rather than work to clean up all the extra code bloat in WordPress, we start with a professional CMS that does not have the code bloat built in. It may not be free, but if Google search is important, we think it is worth the cost and effort to build a fast and effective website from the ground up.