Our Proven Process

Step 1 - Evaluation

First we need to visit with you, preferably in person, and go over your needs and evaluate your situation. It is essential for us to get a full understanding of you and your business. To accomplish this we will be asking a lot of questions, especially about your goals for the website.

Step 2 - Research

Now that we have been informed about your business, we need to learn about the market and develop an effective approach to your website. After we feel our research is complete we can estimate the scope of the project.

Step 3 - Proposal

Once we have a solid grasp on your website needs and goals, we will do a visual mock-up. This is to show you the color scheme, fonts, page layout and overall "look" of your new website. We hope to make any changes to the visuals of your website at this stage.

Step 4 - Information Design

During this process, we will also present you with our plan for the structural organization of the content. This includes the flow of pages and how content is organized from page to page.

Step 5 - Development

Our web design concepts can help you get the right look and design, Then it is time for us to get busy building your website. At this point, we have all the parts, and it is just a matter of putting them all together. We use the most current coding standards. Once this step is completed, your site goes live.

Step 6 - Maintenance and Marketing

Once your website goes live, it is time to drive traffic to your website. Your new website is a marketing tool; it is important to market it correctly. Continuous Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click campaigns such as Google Adwords, and content updates will keep your website fresh and Google friendly.

If you have an existing business we use your logo, signage, and graphic work to create a complimentary look and feel for the website.

Choosing a Web Designer
Web Design Process